Traveling to Europe from Australia


Just a question when booking to go to the Europe tour from Australia does that include your flights from Australia to London and from London back to Australia or do you have to pay for that yourself and orgainse it?



No it doesn’t include flights from Australia to London, nor the flight from London back to Australia. You will need to organise and pay for this yourself. You could ask a travel agent for help with this or look at prices online on websites such as Best Flights.



Ah okay, Thanks!!
I am traveling alone so i dont want to stuff things up and get stuck or lost haha


I used singapore airlines when I did my europe tour last year, they were pretty good.

Don forget to book transport from the airport to your hotel, unless u want to use public transport.
I used a shuttle bus service that dropped me off and picked me up right at the hotel door, ur travel agent can organise it for you.
Enjoy your trip :slight_smile: