Traveling In Europe


I was wondering what is the best way to travel in Europe either before tour or after tour? I am thinking of visiting a friend in Germany and I don’t know how to go about visiting her. I was thinking train or by air, but then I don’t know what are the reasonable priced ways to do it and what companies to use. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Hi Karie,

I think in regards to travelling before or after any tours is entirely upto you! I’m doing 2 tours next year with top deck and I am travelling before my first one and in between my second one. This is due to having 4 days free before my first tour and 4 days free before my second tour.

There are so many different ways to get aroung Europe that it’s probably worth researching what modes of transport will work for you best. For example, between London and Paris, I’m catching the train as it’s super easy and convient to do this, and then I’ll be flying between Paris and Rome as I don’t have the time to catch the train and not too sure if there is even a direct train service between these 2 cities.

Good luck with all the planning and researching for your trip!!



I think air travel is the best option in present time.its less time taking and suitable also.


I think air travel is better option. When I was in Europe, I purchased full tour package from New York city. And I think it was best option for me because it was very difficult to travel in buses or trains. My full trip of Europe organised by Flytime Tours & Travel, Inc.