Traveling Alone


Has anyone travelled alone through Europe on Top Deck? and how did you find your experience?


Hi Cheryl, I haven’t travelled alone through Europe on topdeck before but I am later this year and I promise you won’t be disappointed with the experience. 2 years ago I did a topdeck Europe tour with my sister and it has def influenced my decision to go alone. It can be great having a buddy to have someone to share every moment but at the same token it often means there is some stuff you will have to compromise on. And often lone travellers can be a bit apprehensive about going up to people travelling together and starting a conversation. Because of this you will
Find it such a different experience traveling alone!!

Last year I did a tour alone in Canada and thoroughly enjoyed myself. You will meet heaps of other solo travellers…you won’t ever be lonely on tour. As long as you’re not afraid to mingle. If there is some place you want to go for the day just ask around- no doubt there will be someone else going there too and you can tag along (more likely a whole bunch of people!) at the very least there will be someone else not wanting to spend the days alone and will jump at the invitation! Also try not buddy up with one person or group…make an effort to be mingle. Always try to sit with someone different whenever you get on the bus.

Bottom line- almost every other solo traveller on tour is going to have the same fears as you…remember that and you’ll have a great time.

Hope that has helped.


I did discover europe on my own last year and it was the best thing I have ever done.
We all ended up going off in smaller groups on our free days (including singles and couples) depending on what we wanted to see.
There were 5 other girls and two guys travelling alone and they were just as nervous as I was!

It is a bit daunting making conversations with ppl u dont know but doing a solo trip makes u get in with everything thats going on more as u dont have someone to rely on.
Enjoy ur trip