Travelex / ANZ travel card


I’m going to Europe in July and doing a topdeck tour, and I’m thinking of getting either the Travelex or ANZ travel card - has anyone used these before? They look pretty good… The exchange rate has really improved recently, so I can’t decide whether to get the card now (and lock in the current rate) or get it closer to July and hope that it doesn’t go down, what do others think?


The best option is to get a NAB gold banking account.[br]For $10 you get unlimted withdrawls from ATM’s overseas for free and no currency conversion fee too.[br][br]Olympic Link[br]26th June - 16th July


Great words Bruin I went to Canada last August and I still have my Gold Bank Account ;)[br][br][br]European Wonder 6th August -19th August 2009[br][br]Then Barcelona, Ibiza and Tomantina baby!!![br]:-*:o:-[8-);D[^][v]xx([8]:o)::):-/B):stuck_out_tongue:


i had the anz travel card and loved it!! all my money was already converted over so that when the bottom went out of the market in october, i dont have to worry about it as all of my money was already in euros and pounds - i knew exactly how much i had. i also didnt have to pay any exchange rates and only had to pay a little bit more to get cash out. I could also use it as eftpos so that was awesome too :)[br][br]im going on a cruise in august and will be getting another one, just in USD this time :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I am currently in Los Angeles. I’ve been here since Monday and will be leaving for the UK on the 25th and then doing Europe Uncovered on 3rd June. I have the ANZ travel card with USD and it’s great. So far I’ve used it twice to withdraw cash and had no problems. The first time I got charged a $3 fee by the ATM (on top of ANZ’s own $2.50 fee for the withdrawal) but at Disney Land the ATM did not charge me any additional fee.[br][br]I have another one in Euros for the Topdeck tour. So from experience so far I can say that the ANZ card is perfect. :slight_smile:


I agree with Bruin - Gold Visa Debit - NAB.[br][br]No fee’s at all except the $10.00 monthly fee - which is waived if you put in more than $5000.00. [br][br]I am applying for this in a couple of weeks.[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009