Traveler with Anxiety!


Hey all!

I’ve booked a Euro Adventure tour for next Aug 2017!
I have really bad anxiety and panic over the smallest things!
Will I suffer on the trip? Anyone else with anxiety done the tour?
Thanks for any help X


Hey Tiffi,

We hope you have a great time on your trip!

Did you book with Topdeck directly or through a Travel Agent? As we would like to note your booking to ensure your Trip Leader is aware of your condition.

It is hard to say or if you will or not suffer an anxiety attack but we do ensure that you are given as much information as possible before the trip. Our Trip Leaders are there for you to answer any questions or concerns you have while on the trip :slight_smile:

If you do have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your trip please don’t hesitate to contact your Travel Agent or contact Topdeck (if you have booked through us directly).

If you have any concerns about your anxiety then you will need to speak to your local doctor.

We look forward in having you travel with Topdeck :slight_smile:

Team Topdeck


Hey Tiffi!
I suffered a bit on my tour last year but I am doing another topdeck tour this year :slight_smile:
Everyone is different but I got quite anxious in some of the big busy cities but as long as you stick with people from your group you will be okay! Just make sure you let your team leader and the people you hang out with know so they can look out for you!
Also don’t feel like you have to do and see everything as that can put a lot of pressure on you and possibility make your anxiety worse. I didn’t even leave the camp site in Rome when I did the Grand European as sometimes you just need to rest when your body tells you.
I hope this helps :slight_smile: xx


Hi Tiffi! I haven’t done these trips before, but I am a traveller, and I also suffer from anxiety. The best thing for me has been to plan around the things I am anxious about before the trip, and to find out the places that would be the biggest stressors for you. Airports are really hard for me, so I try to factor in time to deal with anxiety/panic attacks, as well as finding places where I can get away from the stressors. Another thing that has been really valuable for me is self care, and taking time to yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s okay to not be okay! I hope this will help :slight_smile: