Travel Tips in South African Africa


Hey Guys,

Going to be traveling around South Africa in the next few months. Was looking for suggests on some cheap flight suggests in and around South Africa?


Hey Matt,

I’m pretty new to this forum. So this is my first post, so hopefully, I can help.
I would recommend checking out Sa-Airlines. They seem to have some pretty decent information. In terms of actual flights, I flew with Kulula and that was pretty nice, although was surprised I had to pay for my food on the airline. Guess that’s the price for cheap airlines.

Hope this helps a little, let me know if you have any questions will try help.


Hi Matt
I normally use ClickClickGo - they do all the searching for you and will give you the cheapest options.
Safe travels


Sa-Airlines is the best solution for you.


Flymango and kulula flight provide cheap travel in south Africa.