Travel Times


Hey guys,
I am going on European Odyssey in June and was just wondering what the travel times are like between each place? I had a look at some of the internet and some places were suggested at being like 12 hours of travelling!

Our tour goes:
Paris-Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps-Florence
Tyrol- Prague
Prague- Berlin

Meg xx


Hi Meg

There are some long days on the bus, but you constantly stop (about every 2 hours) and get off so you can stretch your legs and buy some snacks, but it flies by!!! I think the longest we travelled between places was about 8-9 hours in total.

the travel times vary depending on what roads you take and the traffic, but being on the bus gives you an excellent chance to catch up on sleep!!!



Would recommend taking a book, ipod (Audiobooks/movies/tv shows) r great for long bus trips.


Paris-Swiss Alps is probably your longest day. We spent about 10 hours on the bus that day, as it’s a huge distance to cover. However, we did stop every 2-2.5 hours for a toilet / snack break of either 15 or 30 minutes, and we spent a lot of time on that day introducing ourselves, or with our trip leader giving us information on where we were going and what was happening over the next few days.

You just have to remember that there’s a lot to see in Europe, and that you will spend about every second day on the bus to fit it all in! The bus rides are also a GREAT time to catch up on sleep or writing postcards / diaries and stuff. By the end of our trip I could sleep upright ina seat on the bus with no problems!