Travel sheets, do we need them?


hi, i will be taking the Europeans getaway in April but i am curious about travel sheets. do we need them on the tour or not?
i know alot of hostels like you to have them or you can buy them from the hostel.
Do we need them on the tour or can we leave them out of our bags?


Hi James,

If you want to you are welcome to bring them, but there is no need to bring your own bedding unless your trip requires you to bring a sleeping back (eg camping, flotilla sailing in Greece, camping trips).

Hope this helps.

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Hey, I did that tour last year and didn’t take one… I don’t think anyone on my tour took one to be honest and we were all fine :slight_smile:


Hi, Im doing the European Pioneer in August and I was just wondering with the over night ferry trip from Rome to Athens, if I need to bring a sleeping bag or if sleeping stuff is provided?