travel pillow


what type of travel pillow should i bring for the bus journey? neck pillows?? or a normal pillow? thanks :slight_smile: x


I haven’t left yet but I bought a squishy neck pillow… hope it does the job!


Thanks Kelly. I’ll probs get the same. What trip are you on?


No problems. I am doing the Winter Spirit on 22nd of November. What about you?


I’m doing the Grand Aussie, 10th Nov! Cannot wait but also very nervous! x


Pack for a warm summer, I think its going to be getting pretty warm this year around that time.


You will love Australia! But then, I may be biased :slight_smile:

Definitely pack for summer - but bring a couple of cardigans or something as it can get chilly at night still!


Thanks guys. I’m prepared for some hot sunshine as we have some cold weather here in the UK now! Will pack a hoodie though for night time and a cardy. Got my travel pillow the other day btw, it converts from a neck pillow to a rectangular pillow so pretty handy!


Hey Rachel, I think normal pillow is ok for your traveling.


I bought a pillow that converts from a neck pillow to a normal pillow, it’s pretty awesome!


Normal pillow is better than neck pillow because it is also used for your back bone.


ive got a jacket that converts to a neck pillow, very handy


I took a small blanket and a pillow case. That way you have a blanket or you could stuff the blanket in the pillow depending on your need. I used it as a pillow on my bus and airplane. When in hotels I used it as a spare blanket.


I beleive it’s fine as I was there in July and August as Kenya safari
a volunteer. You can contact Animal Passion Tours & Safaris and they can tell you the situation on the ground.


Neck pillow are suitable for bus journey :slight_smile:


What are these actually called? I’ve been looking online but haven’t been able to find any.


it can get chilly at night still!


Those squishy bean pillows are very good for long bus trips, try and make a friend, shoulders from experience are the best pillows.


I just bought a convertible travel pillow that can be either a neck pillow or normal mini pillow, it’s full of beans and when you unzip it you can pull out the opposite design to move the beans into then stuff the previous design inside to zip up again. Genius! I got it from Strandbags in Australia though.


Is it available from Woolworths or Coles??? and how much are them (I want the cheapest!)