Travel pillow


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Hi everyone…Ive been thinking about taking a travel pillow on my tour, in the long run i guess ill be thankful i have one. Only problem is i cant find one i like. Wondering if anyone knows of a good one out there. Ive seen the neck ones but cant say Im sold on them at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions, id love to hear them.


Hi Vicki,

The first time a traveled over seas I was the same, couldn’t find one I liked so didn’t bother. Luckily the friend I traveled with took 2, one standard small travel pillow and one of the neck pillows. Both were blow up type which saved space. I used one of them most days we were on the bus and the neck pillow was actually damn good! Of course you can always by one on the road. In Europe most tourist spots had them for sale at souvenir stands and they weren’t overly expensive, a lot of people purchased them there, that way you could buy a cushy foam filled one, then get rid of it at the end of the tour if you had no room in your luggage. While on tour they pretty much stayed on the bus the entire time anyway.


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Think Ive almost made my mind up on a ‘squishy’ one. Hoping it will do the job :slight_smile:


I bought a squishy neck pillow at the airport, love it. Sometimes I use it around my neck, others as a regular pillow. Don’t worry about space… I carry mine loose on aeroplanes then tie it onto the outside of my pack.


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I finally found one i liked! I was lucky to get one of the squishy neck pillows - but the one i got unzips into a back pillow/long round pillow. Was a bargin for $20. It even came with a matching sleep mask and ear plugs!! ;D


I use an Inflatable small pillow but it is uncomfortable so I put my towel and sweater over it to make comfortable. Neck ones are good for good neck support. I love Nap neck pillows.