Travel packs


hey top deck, this a question more directed towards you, but if anyone else can help that would be fantastic!

while reading over the pre departure information, when it comes to the bag allowance it says 70cm x 50cm x 25cm. Well mine is a mountain design travel pack similar to this bag here

now i went this bag because im doing a fairly long working trip before and after the tour, so i had to pack a bit more. but even when my bag is empty its sitting around the 80/85cm’s long mark. but same if not smaller in the other dimensions. Is this ok? because i dont want to go and buy a new bag after spending a fair bit on this one.

as for weight it comes in around the 16kg mark so its alot less then the 20kg limit,
so will it be fine to bring that bag along?

also are we allowed a carry on backpack on the carriage?


I’m not able to answer the primary part of the question, but a Top Deck associate assured me that you would be able to bring your day bag on the bus. She writes:

So, I assume that you would be able to bring your carryon backpack on the carriage.