Travel Insurance


Hi, I’m booked for a trip for next summer but am having some trouble with my travel insurance, I’m a US resident so I can’t go with the one designed for the trips that they link to on the site but all of the ones I found online require that you put down a primary country and since I’m going to be visiting 15 I’m not sure what that would be, what did you guys do for insurance and are there any US citizens who know of some good options? Any advice is appreciated this is my first time traveling to another country.



i have cover more, seems pretty popular, maybe worth checking out, im not in the US though


Covermore is great insurance as they only sell travel insurance…

Look at how many nights your spending in each place and say the one that has the most…

For example my one does one day more in Italy then any other country so i wrote italy… Otherwise do where the tour starts…


i went with 1cover. my cousin recommeded it. i just london


I’m also from US… can you explain why you can’t get the travel insurance TopDeck offers?