Travel Insurance


Hey I’m just wondering I have my travel insurance through my bank Lloyds, do I just bring the brochure and my bank card?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I think you actually need to bring a copy of your induvidual policy. So if anything happens they have all your details and policy number handy. Hope this helps.


Have the same question I have comprehensive travel insurance with my credit card from CBA.


Hey guys… I have the same question for an upcoming tour. What’d ya’ll do in the end?


If you have travel insureance included in your credit card with CBA or another bank you will need to take your PBS and anything that proves you are elidgable eg. receipts for spending at least $950 on your card. You will also need to give your tour guide your policy number. For CBA gold this is 78GLD1CCI. If you don’t know just call your bank.
I’d also suggest you tell your bank when you are travelling as well as organise a PIN before you go as many European countries wont accept a signature.

This is only for CBA (Australia) It may be different for others but I hope it helps.