Travel insurance


Hey everybody;

I had a quick question about my travel insurance. For everything except medical I bought coverage from my travel agent. In the mail I got a big pile of papers and a couple copies of the card I guess Im supposed to carry. For medical I’m already covered through work, so I have the card but I dont have all the papers. I was just wondering what all I need to have in order to be allowed on the tour as it says proof of insurance is required. Do I just need to bring the cards and the big stack of papers would be a waste of time, or will the cards on there own not be enough? All the cards have on them are my policy numbers and my ID number etc- no detail on the plans specificly.

Thanks for any help, only 2 more months!!! Winter Getaway Feb 19!!


Hi Josh,

Please bring with you a document or card which states the insurance provider’s name, your insurance policy number and insurance contact/emergency contact numbers. There’s no need to bring a huge stack of papers with you. If you have anything with this info, please bring it along.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Topdeck Team


Awsome thanks :slight_smile: