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Hi what Insurance company have you found cheap and a good reliable service ? Checked out Nomad seem to be good price any other comments would be a huge help


Hey steve,

I went with Cover More Insurance (Travel Sure) and got a very good deal. I’m staying in London for 2 years so I got the initial 1 year insurance for only $650 approximately and it covers everything I need with a $5000 cancellation cover and only $100 excess.
I got this organised via my travel agent at Escape travel… all the travel agents recommend this one and I did some research online at it compared pretty well with other travel insurance quotes!

Good luck!


For the month I am in Europe I went with AAMI insurance and I got it for about $110. I couldnt see much of a difference between them or the travel agent, plus i saved some extra money in the process :slight_smile:


I’m tossing up between Southern Cross Travel Insurance and Good 2 Go! which were both rated very highly by Choice magazine - and they also have pretty good prices!


I got Travelsure insurance, cost me just over $1000 for the year I am away but has really good coverage and no excess which is what i really liked about it. for example I have $500 cash coverage!! I got that through Flight Centre… looked at southern cross as well but decided it would be easier to make any claims through the travel agent while I’m overseas


Hi guys,

Ours is with Covermore as well - we got the tavelsure plan, im a travel agent and we only sell this cover. They dont bugger around with houses or cars or anything…they stick to what they know which is travel insurance. The only advice I have for people going with a cheaper cover is READ THE FINE PRINT!!!

Steve be careful with Nomad, I was comparing with these guys as well and the PDS is very vauge and there is a lot of things that they dont cover and you have to ask. For example, they class asthma as a pre exsisting medical condition and wont cover anything relating to asthma which is pretty bad.

Morgan - have a quick look back over your cover because all of the Covermore including travelsure products only cover a maximum of $200 cash if you are pickpocketed, they dont have a plan that covers you for $500.

Hope this helps,



The cheapest I found was actually with my health insurer (HBF). I have a “condition” which Covermore would not necessarily cover. I agree with Amy - you need to read the fine print because my travel agent did not ask me many questions about any possible conditions/ailments when I was booking… I probably would have been caught out if I hadn’t taken the brochure away to read.

Hope that helps!


I went with Southern Cross. I paid $260. Not too sure if it’s cheaper as I am a member. They have good cover including unlimited medical cover!

My travel period is about 3.5 months.


Hey guys
Do you know if you need travel insurance if you live in australia? I’m doing the east coast tour in may and have Medicare and private health insurance ?
Cheers amy


Hi, i went with Travel Insurance Direct. Great services and very cheap!
For full comp for a 21yo in europe was only $180 with no excess on any claims.


I called at least 8-10 different insurance companies and ended up going with AAMI. I found they covered me for everything and have a 24/7 emergency number to contact when overseas. If you do have anything happen to you make sure that you call them whilst you are overseas and be told how to go about making a claim as they told me by the time you come back home it’s too late to be covered.
Their quote was the cheapest and covered me for everything i needed and only cost me $240 for 2 months overseas.


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