Travel Insurance regarding travel distruption


Hi, Just wnat to give out a little advice. My mum is currenlty travelling with 4 kids back from England and when she arrived in Dubai they have told her that flight back to Aus has been cancelled due to ‘technical problems’, more likely didn’t have neough people on flight. Therefore they told her she would have to book another flight back. Jet lagged and running aroung with 4 kids she went to book the next, quickest flight she could, presuming trvael insurance would cover. Luckily she called us first and we called the travel insurance company only to find out that she would not be covered beacsue the airlines is responsible. Thye told us, to tell her to kick up a stink until they became accountable and either paid for her flight with another airline or put her up in a hotel and provided food vouchers until another flight with the airline was avilable.[br][br]Therefore, just wanted to let everyone to be aware that travel insurance wil not cover distrubted travel unless it is due to weather conditions, so if you encounter this problem, make sure you make the airline accountable…otherwise you may have an extra big bill![br][br]By the way, she went through a reputable travel agent so this was no dodge website flight!