Travel Insurance in the US


Hey guys, Topdeck quoted my traveler’s insurance for the mega european at $190 for the whole 2 months. It seems like a good deal for me, but was wondering if anybody else found a better one?


hello! i have a 2 weeks tour (costs about 1500USD), and i called global travel shield directly for insurance - costs me $51 for 100% comprehensive coverage. if you’re a student, call STA (better deal). i heard (since I have never really tried it) is that travel agents is a bit more expensive. i always go through STA or global travel shield - just make sure you get comprehensive travel coverage & make sure to ask if you will be covered for bankruptcy (there’s a term; don’t remember what it is…)

i hope this helps.


I got mine through Travel Cuts online for about $89 dollars for three weeks all-inclusive. I’m in Canada but I think that they offer insurance to people in the States as well. Just so you know as well Topdeck has built in insurance in case of bankruptcy. Check the small print on your confirmation pages.