Travel Insurance and Accommodation


Hi,[br][br]2 separate topics here. Firstly, can someone please explain to me why Top Deck has the Compulsory Travel Insurance clause in their terms & conditions. This does make the company sound dodgy as travel insurance should be a decision made by the traveller, not an imposed one by a tour company.[br]Secondly, for anyone who’s done Eurohotel tours, what is the accommodation like? Nowhere can i find names of hotels so i can research them. I tried to ring Top Deck (in Aust) but was on hold for 15 minutes, which i thought wasnt a very professional impression to make.


Hi there[br][br]My name is Dennis Jack General Manager of Topdeck based here in London[br][br]First of all sorry you got put on hold in Oz. We will certainly follow it up. Normally they are very good and prompt so not sure what happenned[br][br]Regarding the Travel Insurance[br][br]It is a requirement of several European countries that before visitors are allowed into the country they must have proof of medical cover incase something happens. Some countries are quite slack at checking but some are not. For example the Czech republic here in the UK will not issue a visa unless you can prove you have ?20,000 worth of medical cover. Many hospitals will not treat you unless you can show this cover as well. Its getting like the US. As we are the company taking you to the country they would look to us to cover the bill which we could not. There is also the issue of things getting stolen or lost which unfortunately does happen from time to time and travel insurance will cover the replacement of these items without disruption to your tour. If you needed to cancel for what ever reason Cancellation cover on your policy will mean you are not out of pocket. All these add up to protecting you the client in the event that something happens to you or your belongings and has no connection with us the tour operator. I hope this helps clarify the situation. We don’t insist you buy our insurance, but just one that covers all the points mentioned in our booking conditions.[br] I will get someone else to answer about the hotels but if you (or anyone else) has any questions regarding insurance please come back to me [br][br]Regards[br][br]Dennis Jack