Travel from Heathrow to the Clink



Just wanted to know how long it takes to get to the clink hostel from Heathrow airport via tube. Also is it easy and safe to get around. Just curious as im a solo female traveller and have never been to Europe before.

Thank you


From Heathrow Airport: The airport is connected to the entire Greater London area by the capital’s underground railway network. From baggage reclaim, follow the “Underground” signs to the station. Take the Piccadilly Line (colour coded dark blue) to Kings Cross St. Pancras station.

From Kings Cross St. Pancras Station:
When leaving the station take any exit marked ‘Euston Road’ and ensure that Euston Road is in front of you and that
the King’s Cross and St. Pancras stations are behind you. Walk down Euston Road, which then turns into Pentonville Road. Walk down this road and the 2nd street on your right is King’s Cross Road. Take this road and as it curves around to the right you will see a big Travelodge hotel on your left. The Clink 78 is a former courthouse located directly after this hotel. Walking time is 10 minutes.


I’M a first time solo traveller too! From what I’ve read I think its about a 50minute ride on the tube? not too sure on that though.


Thanks for the great info! What tour are you doing? :slight_smile:


No worries! Its in the pre departure info thing for my trip so you should be able to find it on yours too :smiley:
Winter getaway dec 11! you?


Oh how nice a white Xmas. I’m doing the mega European departing 2 July. Can’t wait😀

How long are you going for? And what tour are doing?