Travel Expo discounts


Hi There,[br][br]Just wondering whether those who have already booked their summer european tours at the expo received any good deals?[br][br]I just went to an expo at flightcentre and it works out that it will be the same price if I booked last week or if I book in a few weeks.[br][br]I’ve heard how some people got 2 free nights accomodations and how others got further discounts. But the price I have received is the same price as what’s in the top deck brochure. Some feedback would be great.[br][br]Thanks,[br]Mel


I booked 2 tours at the Discover Europe Expo in Melbourne which is run by Flight Centre. I got an extra $100 of each tour. Very happy with the savings. [br][br]Keep in mind that if you book a tour through a travel agent and pay with a credit card you will most likely be charged a credit card fee of up to 3.00% of the total cost of the tour(s). This can be costly. Pay in cash if you can. You will save even more money.


I got 7.5% off tour and food fund (wasn’t meant to get ff discount but travel agent was cool) then $200 off each tour as I booked two at the expo. All up $1286 discount.


Wow Mick, sounds like you got an amzing discount!! Did you know the travel agent or you drive a good bargain?


The only extra I got was the discount on the food fund. Which I assume I got as I told her I wasn’t sure if I was going to book thru her.


i booked a tour thru the expo. i got $100 off and 7.5% off on top of that :slight_smile:


My travel agent booked for me following the Brisbane Expo. I’m heading on the Winter Getaway departing on 10 March 09, so the trip was more than 4 months away at the time of the expo. I had provided all the money (full price) to my travel agent when I consulted with him and selected the appropriate tour in early October, but he recommended he postpone booking until the expo on 1 November. In any event, I’d missed out on any early booking discount which as I understand applies if you book 6 months in advance. [br][br]I received only $50 off in total, which is a little disappointing, so I guess my advice is don’t necessarily wait for the expo as the early booking discounts may be a better saving for you… waiting for the expo is a gamble because ultimately, your tour may be the only one that isn’t discounted on the day :frowning: