Travel Documents & Info from Topdeck


I was just wondering a couple of things:

1. When will I recieve my Topdeck travel documents, optional excursion info etc? Is it true that it’s 6 weeks before departure? Because I will already be overseas for 4 weeks before my my Topdeck tour commences, I don’t want to cut it too fine!

2. I know Contiki documents come with a fancy travel wallet thing. Do we get something like this on Topdeck?

3. I booked my tour through a travel agent. Will the documents be sent there for me to pick up, or to my home address?



Hi Backpackgirl,

Im a travel agent so hopefully I can shed some light for you :wink:

Documents will get sent to your travel agent 6 weeks prior to the commencement of your trip, they should get in contact with you to arrange collection of your documents.

No Topdeck do not supply ticket wallets, they will send your Travel Agent E documents and they will print them and put them in a ticket wallet for you.

If your travel agent has booked your flights then she will be aware that there is not long between getting the documents and your departure.


Thanks AmyH, that’s very helpful!

I booked the flights and another tour through the same agent, so that’s good to know! B-)


Backpack girl

i rang topdeck the other day and asked the same thing - the girl told me your agent will receive your documents 8 weeks prior to travel with a list of hotels etc that you will be staying at …

good luck