Travel clothing for Oct/Nov for Experi Travellers!


Hi Fellow Topdeckers![br][br]8 weeks to go until we leave for our Spirit of Europe trip :)[br][br]As with most girls I have already started trying to plan what to take and not to take in my backpack![br][br]I am looking for some help as to whether I need winter or summer clothing for my trip. [br][br]We are heading to Tokyo first, onto London and then the usual trek throughout Europe. We will probably be staying in the general UK area for a working holiday afterwards![br][br]I have some thermals, polar fleece/wind fleece and a down jacket already (due to a trip to NZ a few months ago!). Any suggestions???[br][br]Thank you!!![br][br]Chell :o)[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hi Chell, [br]Im struggling with the same with as i leave on the 16th oct… [br]Im planning on it not being overly hot, so mainly jeans and long sleeve tops! Ive been told only to take one jacket… Also will chuck in a few summer tops in case…[br][br]Im wondering wat nite time clothes to take? ne ideas?