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hi all

i’m looking at getting a travel card that has low fees on it, i don’t want a credit card so i was wondering what are the best options??? any recommendations would be great from what i have been reading on the web they recommend to stay away from cash passport.



I am still researching but at the moment the Australia post load and go seems to be the best. There is no load or reload fees only ATM fees by the look of it. The exchange rates seem to be competitive with the banks.


I am still researching but at the moment the Australia post load and go seems to be the best. There is no load or reload fees only ATM fees by the look of it. The exchange rates seem to be competitive with the banks.


I am most likely getting the aus post travel Load & Go card too, the only thing is I wish they gave you two cards like they do with the cash passport in case you lose one


I have decided not to get the load and go. While there are no load or reload fees they charge you a 3% conversion fee everytime you use the card. I thought the point of the multicurrency travel card is so you don’t have to worry about those types of fees. I also don’t like the fact you don’t get a back up card.

If this is incorrect can someone let me know. The Cash passport from the banks pre load it in the currency you want so there is no conversion fee when you use it only a 1% or 1.1% load and reload fee. Better than a 3% fee every time you use the card. Australia Post is very miss leading.


I thought the 3% conversion fee was only if you had no currency available for the country you’re in, like when I go to Switzerland if I use the card there would be a 3% conversion fee because there’s no swiss francs on there but if I use it in Paris or something then there’d be no fee because it would use the euros that are on the card, does that make sense? ;D


That’s what I thought it was aswell but the person (he is doing a topdeck tour in august) told me that it’s not. It holds the money in little what they call wallets and when you use it there is a conversion fee. I am totally confused now but it makes sense now. How else would they make their money if they do not charge load and reload fees?

I know that is how the cash passports work but they charge you a load and reload fee so they get their money through that. I am going to go to one of the bigger post offices (The one I go to is a business centre not a post shop) to ask a few more questions but that along with the no back up card is making me think twice and just paying the 1% fee.


thanks for the information has anyone looked into the ctiti plus visa debit card? are they easy to open?


I asked another Australia post and they said the first time you load the card it’s loaded in Australian dollars then you have to go online to transfer it into the currency you want and that is where the 3% conversion fee is charged. Now have to check with the banks to find out if the cash passport works the same.


I’ve been struggling with the same dilemma and decided to use the Commonwealth Bank Travel Card.
They have minimal fees, they also charge the least if you wanted to withdraw from the ATMs.
I used the travelex cards for the US last year and it was a disaster. They don’t provide you with accurate balances. I also had my mother go in to travelex to reload the card to avoiding waiting 3 day period if you use BPAY, it ended up making no difference.
Would not recommend Travelex at all.


Guys! Go with the Citibank Plus Saver account! I just used it for 3 months travelling and there are no fees at all, it’s the best card I came across hands down! Had no trouble at all, and paid no fees at all, BEST!


that is what i have decieded (citi plus visa debit) on just waiting to see if i get approved is it easy to transfer money across


Is it just a normal bank account with a visa debit card and no fees?
What about conversion fees or anything when converting form aus dollars to pounds?
Does it just sit in the account in aus dollars and convert when i buy something? Sounds easier than having “Wallets” for each currency on the aus post travel card


Looks like no matter which card you go with there is a 3% currency conversion fee. You just have to decide if you want to pay the 1% commission to get a secondary card or take the risk and go with the no commission Australia post load and go card and not get that second card.


Hi guys,

ive been thinking of using the mastercard cash passport for my trip in sept to Canada. mainly cause it stores the currency your intending on using so there is no conversion charge to be had and this is the only card that actually had the Canadian dollar on it.

thanks for the advice on the travelex i had been thinking about it but had heard not good things :slight_smile:


Hi Emma. I think the cash passport is supplied by travelex. I know the anz one works in a similar way to the load and go with the 3% conversion fee. What bank were you thinking of getting your one through?