Travel Buddy...?


Hey guys. I traveled with Topdeck before and want to go again! Keen to do the Greek Islands but have been let down by friends. Is anyone looking to travel with someone else, but in the same situ as me? :slight_smile:


Hey Iโ€™m travelling alone but going on the mega euro in April I think that covers quite a few of the Greek islands, which trip are you thinking if doing? X


ha this is crazy but my friend just bailed on me like 2 weeks agao and we were booked on the greek island hopper,
im still going however! im going from the 21st July tour,
what dates were you looking at? :slight_smile:


I am doing greek islands beginning august. my email is on my page if u need!


Iโ€™m traveling by myself in seven weeks, was over having my friends bail on me for holidays so just decided to do it by myself anyway :slight_smile:


Iโ€™m doing the Greek Island Hopper 4th Aug and may well be doing it alone. But itโ€™s all good. We did a trip in 2010 with Topdeck and it was awesome. There was probably about a 50/50 split of people traveling alone / traveling with someone.