Travel buddy wanted!


Hey Guys,

I’m Sarah, i’m 23 and from Cairns and am looking for a Travel buddy who wants to go to the States this year between July and October sometime (i’m easy with dates).

All my friends are broke or boring and don’t want to come with, so I thought I would jump on here and see if anyone was keen to plan an awesome trip…yeehaa!

Would love to hear from you!

Sarah :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah! This is Kenny from Sydney! I am going for California Calling on 30th June to 6th July! If you come in this date, please let me know…haha! If so, I will see you in LA in Late June!

Kenny :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,
I’m in the same boat! I’m thinking of doing “Vegas to the Coast” in September and spending a few days after in LA then flying to NYC solo.
Lots of people will travel solo and you’ll probably find that when you meet some people will have similar plans or no plans and are willing to go along with you! Keep in touch though!!! PM me :slight_smile:


Exactly! Sarah and Mandz! We should meet more people who have same mind and want to hang out together! you are also welcome to PM me…keep in touch what your plan is! :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,

I am thinking of doing New Orleans to NYC around September time but nothing has been booked yet. I’m thinking of doing a few nights in NYC at the end too. Where you thinking of going?

Gem =)


Hi Sarah

I was in the same boat. I’ve wanted to go to USA for years, but my friends are also boring or broke! In the end I decided that I wasnt gonna let that stop me. I’m doing the east coast adventure on July 1 (also in California for a bit beforehand, and will stay a few days after the east coast adventure). Shout out if you’re doing something similiar, we can make our boring friends jealous together!


Hey Sarah,

I’m 24 from the Gold Coast - I’m heading over in June/July this year.

Doing the Coast to Coast tour NYC to LA on the 21st June to 10th July. Let me know if you come over ealier. I’m also having 10 days after the Tour between LA and San Fran.



Hey Sarah- I am 23 from regional NSW, I am thinking about doing the coast to coast LA- NY tour and I will probz stay in NY for a week or so after the tour finishes… I am also going alone with my travels so would love a buddy!!
let me know if you want to catch up over there. :slight_smile:


Hey Sarah,

I’m also travelling on my own and have booked the coast to coast LA to NYC from the 13th Of July. I’m going to spend a few days before the tour in LA and San Fran and a few days in NYC after the tour…would love to have some travel buddies to hang out with.

If this suits let me know will be great to catch up…

Vanessa :slight_smile:


Hi sarah I’m Kellie from Adelaide, I’m leaving to USA with my sis on 3rd oct- doing la to bay con tiki then 2 nights San Fran, 4 ny then doing the 20 day coast to coast from ny back to la departs 25th oct (doing this tt tour by myself pretty nervous but hey better to be nervous then not go at all :slight_smile: ) if anyone wants travel buddy would love to heAr :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,

I’m doing the California calling tour from LA to San Fran on sept 8. then going to stay in SF for a few days then NY from the 17th to the 23rd!
I’m travelling solo so hoping to find some people to do stuff with especially once the tour is over! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I’m looking for a travel buddy too! Will be in L.A from 7th July - 12th when I’ll depart for Vegas to hang until the 15th July and then I’m off to NYC where I’ll be until the beginning of the NYC to New Orleans tour departing on the 19th. Then staying in New Orleans a couple nights before jetting home. If anyone’s gonna be at the same place/time as me let me know. Would be great to meet up ;D


Hey Vanessa,

Just read your post - I’ll be in L.A from 7th -12th July if you wanna catch up - I’m travelling solo too :slight_smile: