Travel Buddy 2012


Hey! I’m travelling alone next year which i have never done before so I’m feeling a bit anxious about it! Is there many people that travel solo?

Is there anyone who is planning on heading on a tour next year between May - July 2012 ( I know it’s ages away but i just want to be prepared!)

I’m from Perth Australia :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah!!

I’m a solo traveller myself, and was thinking about travelling Europe around those times myself, but I’m leaning now to do more of a tour, as I’m going to start uni in September 2012! What were you thinking of doing? I’m looking for something around 20-30 days myself!

I’m from WA as well! :smiley:


Hello both of you!
I’m not planning on travelling solo, however, that is when I am planning on travelling with one of my friends!
We’ve been planning a Europe trip for ages, and have decided on the Grand European sometime in may/early june 2012.
Hahah and don’t worry Sarah… it’s not ages away! Some people need time to gather funds, such as us poor students :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m looking at doing something 20-30 days also, not to sure which one yet though!

Have you guys ever done one before?


I’m going on the ANZAC Western Front this year, but that will be my first ever tour that isn’t just a day trip! I’m so nervous but looking forward to it at the same time. I’m only doing the tour as I want a quick wizz around Europe before studying myself (even though I currently work full time, its hard saviing and having to pay bills at the same time! especially when you don’t get paid much!)

I’m having so much trouble deciding which one though! I’m a big Europe fan, I just want to see everything!


I am also looking at booking a tour for august, as a solo traveller :slight_smile:
im planning on a camping tour, the unplugged as its 22 days and fits in with my small budget and the summer term between uni! i havent booked it yet as i wanted to see who else has booked it too and see if there are many solo travellers as it will be my first time and im quite anxious although very excited!!



I’m planning on traveling to europe around that time.
I’m looking at doing the big 49 day tour, mega european i think its called!
Just got to save all the funds now :slight_smile:


Hi, I am also planning on travelling around that time - also on the 49 day tour, & will be solo. Glad to see I am not the only one planning so far in advance! Now I just need to get saving - Hard to do when you are a poor student!!!


Hey there

I was wondering if anyone was going on the spirit of europe next yr around 7th to the 30th of june (as long as the dates stay the same) I will be traveling alone, the mate the i had planned on going with has bailed on me. :’(


I totally agree with planning with time ahead, My dates for Europe are next Spring Summer 2012, around end of May beginning of June, staying for a max of 21 days. It really pleases me that there are out there as many people as me looking for new friends
Interested in visiting London, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam and finishing in Dublin.


Hey I’m starting with the euro club European pioneer tour departing 31st may and traveling solo. Then onto Greek island hop 10 days also top deck. Anyone else going to either? Fro the Croatia then Africa the states then home. Total 4 months


Hey im also a solo traveller from little old New Zealand, justineb123 i was planning on doing the Europe Unplugged also. what dates were you thinking? i was going to book 24th May or the date around then! would be cool if i had a travel buddy/someone to be over excited with. haha. x


i am also going to be a solo traveller on my first top deck tour, i’m thinking of 26 april to 31 may european pioneer tour… anyone doing this tour?


Hey raychell1 I’ve put deposit on the european pioneer departing 31 may then Greek island hop after that and traveling solo. Would be awesome to have a buddy. Let’s touch base?


Hey guys!
My names Brooke and I’m 20 and I’m travellin’ solo from Sydney to London and then joining a 24 day tour around Europe in March called “Winter Spirit”.
A travelling buddy would AWESOME! Anyone out there keen I’d love to hear from you!
Brooke :wink:


hey ninja i’ve pm’d you


Hey guys!!
Ive put a deposit down and am booked on the 49 day mega european tour departing 5th june 2012!
Anyone else booked on this tour or considering booking?
Would be so cool to know someone else going as I am a solo traveller :slight_smile:



deposit paid for european pioneer 31 may to 5 july 2012 :), who is going on this tour?


Hey!! I’m planning on doing the Grand European starting 9 June 2012, but I may change the date I haven’t decided yet. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ll be 32 at the time of the trip. If anyone is planning on doing that trip around that time it would be great to hear from you. I’ll be travelling on my own :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’m looking at doing the European Pioneer tour on either the 3rd / 31st may and going to be arriving in the UK round mid-late April. This is my first time overseas and I will be a solo traveller so I’m not really sure what to expect. I would love to meet people going around this time and would love to hear from fellow travellers.

I’m from Brisbane, Aus. :slight_smile: