Travel Adapter



Can anyone recommend a good universal travel adapter that can be used in any country? If so, where do I buy it and how much should I expect to pay?

Thanks in advance!


Have you looked on Ebay??


I have, but not sure of the quality of the products.


What about the likes of Kathmandu or other similar stores?


I bought mine from Myers, I think the brand was ‘go’ or something similar. Ive also seen them for sale in bag shops. Generally about $50 and comes with a double adapter and 6 connectors for use around the world.


I ended up buying one off ebay for $20. It comes with USB ports as well. :slight_smile:


Ebay will be the cheapest… got mine from there and they work fine…

Also, good idea is to pack a power board… there’s usually limited power points in rooms, I took a 4 port board and it ensured that there was always available power for everyone in the room…