Train/Bus through Europe


Hey all!

After my topdeck tour I will be going solo through some of Britain (London - Edinburgh), then through the Netherlands and throughout Germany (also Prague on my way to Munich) - all over a 15-20 day period.

Just wondering if anyone has opinions on what is the cheapest way to go about this? I’m guessing coach travel up and back from London to Edinburgh, but from London to and through Europe I am less certain. I’d be so grateful for any help :slight_smile:



have a look at and britrail!


Thanks, Kelly. Was not sure if I’d be doing enough train travelling to warrant it, but might be a good idea to get one anyway as it will give me flexibility.


Give these guys a go.

You can book in advance and get train/bus tickets for as little as 1 pound! I used these guys to get around the UK last time I was over.
Also try

I used eurail to get about europe and was an absolute bargin!

Another easy and cheap way of getting about europe. Keep your eye out for deals, they have cheap rides from London to Amsterdam all the time.

I would avoid flights as the cheap ones will charge you an arm and a leg for excess baggage and can be really time consuming. Besides, with buses and trains get the best views!

I travelled solo for 6 months back in 2009/2010, all I can reconmend is a lot of research and comparing sites/prices/timings. But personlly, I can say the above methods worked for me. Good luck and have fun!