Trail To Berlin



Just wondering if anyone is going on the Trail to Berlin that leaves London on Sept 8…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi! I am going, just signed up! So excited :slight_smile:


I’m going on that trip! So excited. Are you guys staying at the Clink hostel the night before?


I’m unsure, either there or at a friends, havent decided yet :slight_smile:


Hi Rachael/Unre! It is going to be sooooo much fun! Yep, staying at Clink the night before, one less stress for the trip, haha! Not long to go now! ;D


4 days to go!! How exciting… I’m also staying st the clink the night before :slight_smile: definately less hassle to get there for 6am ha! Looking forward to meeting all of you :slight_smile: