Trail to Berlin



Anyone else doing this tour??? Or have done this tour?

So excited. Just would like to hear from anyone who has done and the experience thay had or those that are going this year.



A couple of friends and I are doing this tour starting 31 July. Also doing some travelling around Europe before and after. Cant wait!



Hey Emma,
The Trail to Berlin tour is part of the European Getaway tour except obviously you end in Berlin whereas the Getaway goes all the way back to London.
I did the Getaway last year and LOVED IT!!! I would go again this year if I had the time. You will have the time of your life I promise and June will be nice and warm too…I have a topic on here called ‘European Getaway Questions and Answers’ if you have any questions about people, accomodation, optional extras etc might be worth a read or ask away here I would be more then happy to answer them!
Everything about this tour was brilliant. You see all the major cities and sights in Europe as well as some wonderful places I hadn’t considered before-I had no interest in Prague before I went on tour and it’s now one of my favorite cities (I’ve been back twice since tour), hopefully you will have great company (everyone on my bus was wonderful) and will take home some lasting memories :smiley:

Happy Travels


Hi Emma,

A mate and I are doing the tour departing london sept 4th.

Cheers, Dom