Trail of Columbus


Hey all!

I’ve booked myself in for the Trail of Columbus tour starting on 20th July, just wondering if anyone of here has booked this tour or has been on it before? I’ll also be doing the Grand European tour starting on 15th June.



Hi DaniG88

I have booked for the Trail of Columbus on the 20th of July. Super excited for this trip. Glad to hear from someone also going on it. keep in touch.



Hi Franky,

Nice to hear from you! That’s great you’ll be on this trip as well. I’m very excited :slight_smile: you going anywhere else in Europe before or after?



Hi all, I’m currently debating the July 20 trip but 95% I’ll be booking this one in a few weeks. Yay

Have either of you ever been on a Top Deck tour? I’ve done contiki, but never Top Deck and I’m curious to know feedback.



Hey Dani, I am just going to be staying on in Barcelona for 3 days extra =). Are you going elsewhere afterwards?


Hi Emma,

I havent been on Top Deck either, only on Contiki… but my friend went on a Top Deck tour last year and she said it was amazing. I think both Contiki and Top Deck should be pretty much the same sort of thing =). Hope to see you on the trip!


I just booked my trip, and btw I also plan on being in Barcelona a few extra days after the tour is done. However, I am a little bit concerned, I just saw a different thread about another trip being cancelled because not enough people signed up. Anyone know anything about how this works? I even have my flights booked so this would be bad.


Oh no, that is not good. I will have a look. I have also booked my flights and it would be a bit of a problem. Hope it is not cancelled.


Hi again, I mailed Top Deck and they said that the trip is guaranteed, so no stressing :P. All we have to so is wait patiently for July (sooooo difficult)!


Yes, I spoke to someone as well and they said the trip is sold out so that’s good! In this case it might be a good idea to create a Facebook page for the July 20th trip, hopefully people check these forums.



I’m currently looking for a hotel to stay afterwards, was curious if you’re doing it through TopDeck or on your own, and was wondering where you plan on staying? I think it’s nice to be near someone you’ll already know once you’re fully on your own.


This is great news =). Happy that the trip is full. I have actually booked my own hostel, not through topdeck. I booked at Hostal Ona Barcelona
Consell de Cent, 413-415, L’Eixample, 08009 Barcelona- quite a cheap hostel, but its a place to sleep. Definitely nice to be close to someone you already know =). Hope that helps =)


Hi, I logged in with my other account… so the previous message from Franks1 is from me as well =) just in case anyone is wondering :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Franky

That’s awesome, I am booked at Hotel Europark which is about 5 mins away from where you’ll be staying. :slight_smile:


Super Emma =) sounds great, that is not far at all. How long will you be staying in Barcelona for?


I fly back home on the 31st, so really just 2 extra days, I wish I could stay longer but I can’t miss that much work, how about you?


Hi Franky and Emma,

It’s great to hear you are both going to be on this tour :slight_smile: It’s coming up real fast!

I’m leaving Barcelona on the 3rd August and meeting a friend in Ibiza afterwards. I haven’t booked my accommodation yet but was thinking of staying at Hotel Aneto.

Will either of you be traveling before this tour? I’m also doing the Top Deck Grand European tour which ends on 15 July. I was previously booking into the one before but it got canceled due to low numbers… :frowning: How long are you both traveling for?

I think a facebook page would be awesome!


Hi, Dani and Emma

I am arriving in Lisbon just a day before the trip (as I cant too much time off work either). I am staying in Barcelona till the 31st and leave on the morning of the first!. Dani you are so lucky to be going to Ibiza!!! I wanted to go, will have to go next time! I can create a facebook page/group you guys must just give me your name on Facebook then I can invite you. xx


I’m actually surprised that more people aren’t posting or commenting, not even on the facebook page of TopDeck.

Wow Dani, that’s quite an adventure, sounds amazing.

I am arriving in Lisbon on the 20th, in the afternoon, and as I mentioned earlier, leaving Barcelona on the 31st. I chose my hotel based on location of the hostel we’ll be staying at, most likely. It’s a good location so I figured, less time to lug bags and such is best. I was looking at hostels, I generally always stay in them, great to meet people especially when traveling solo, but last time I traveled I got so sick, that it just became a tough experience and figured two nights in a hotel isn’t going to break me.

Yea, I tried creating a page on FB but it said I had to invite people and not knowing anyone’s info, that was tough. You can find me on FB by my email


I get into Lisbon a few hours before the tour starts so I’m hoping my flight doesn’t get cancelled or delayed :frowning:

I’m still undecided on where to book my accommodation in Barcelona. I found that’s around a 10 minute walk from the main part but I’m not keen on walking late at night. Any ideas?

Where are you both from?