Trail of Columbus - starting May 13th 2017


Hi guys, anyone else booked for Trail of Columbus, tour starting May 13th 2017. Would love to hear from people that are booked on this tour :slight_smile:

Cheers, Leah


Hi Leah! I’ve been thinking about booking this tour. Have you booked your tickets to Lisbon already? I’m thinking about landing a day early. Would love to meet up for a drink before the tour starts if I end up booking it!



Hi Jeannie, that sounds great!
I’m arriving a day early - I’m flying in from London. I still need to book my flight to Lisbon and the hostel for the night before. Hopefully I’ll book it this weekend. Would love to catch up for a drink beforehand!!
I hope you end up booking the tour - keep me posted :slight_smile:


Hi Leah! Yes I’ve booked this tour :slight_smile: Super excited. I’ll be flying in from London too. Still deciding on whether to stay at the hostel we’re joining the tour at or another one.


Yay!! That’s exciting :slight_smile:
I reckon I will stay at the hostel we are joining the tour from - which I haven’t booked yet! And I’ll fly from London to Lisbon the day before.
I’m super excited!! It’s getting so close now
Also, if you have time free time n London before flying to Lisbon - I’ll be about!


I know right - counting down now. Do you use facebook messenger? Perhaps we can add each other there so it’ll be easier to contact and arrange to meet up before the tour.


Great idea! Add me - Leah Thompson. My profile photo is of my in a navy and white spotted jumpsuit, with a big white floppy hat. And my friend is wearing black pans, white top.
Will be much easier to chat on messenger!!


Hey I’ve booked this trip and hoping to book my flights soon! Will probably be there a day early as well :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

@leahjane1987 @jeanniek

I have just spontaneously booked this trip too! I will be arriving in Lisbon the night before also and it would be great to catch up for a drink if anyone is keen! :slight_smile: See you all soon!



And @carad1 - it would only let me tag two people for some reason :slight_smile:


Hey Kate - looking forward to the tour :ok_hand:t3: I added you on Facebook… hope you don’t mind. Turns out we are both from Launceston and have a bunch of friends in common haha. Small world!


Hey everyone,
I’ve also booked this trip as well but I’m only flying into Lisbon on the day so I’ll see you then!
Also @leahjane1987 and @Kate_Fryett to make the world seem ever more smaller I’m also from Tasmania, albeit from Hobart.
Will see you in Lisbon


Hey Simeon,
Such a small world haha. It really is. Looking forward to it :slight_smile: safe travels to Lisbon - See you soon!!


Hey guys - I’m arriving around 8.30pm on the 12th, hope to grab a cheeky bevvie with you all :wink: