Trail of Columbus in September


Hi Topdeck Travellers,

I’m doing a series of Topdeck trips from July-September, finishing off with the Trail of Columbus in September. I haven’t booked yet, i just want to see if there is anyone else out there on the forums going to Spain at this time, and if they are staying on in Barcelona any longer after the trip.



Hey! Which one in September. I’m going to be on the one at the end of August which goes into the beginning of September and I’ll be there for a few days after too :slight_smile:


I’ll likely be doing the 6th of September- 15th of September tour, if there are spots still available.

I cant wait to see Spain!


Ahh I was going to do that tour but ended with the Aug 23-Sept 2. I’m really excited too!


Catherine, Which hostel are you going to stay at after the tour ends?
Im not sure if i should just stay at the hostel the tour finishes on (not that i know which one that is) or find another.


I’m meeting my sister in Barcelona and we might do AirBNB or something. But to be honest I’m not sure yet… Last Topdeck trip I stayed on, it would’ve been nice to stay in the hostel we ended with. But it was a camping tour. I did wish I had booked with the hostel I stayed in at the beginning of the tour for the night I arrived!