Trail of Columbus 6th-15th August!


Hey guys!!

I am a solo traveler from Brisbane, Australia

Who else is doing this tour?



Hi Guys,
My name is Niaz. I’m from Sydney Australia.
I am travelling solo in Trail of Columbus 6th - 15th August!
I will be heading to Philipines for 10 days and then fly from
Manila to Lisbon. I will be in Lisbon from 3rd of August if
anyone is keen to grab a coffee or drink :slight_smile:
I also have 2 extra day at Barcelona after the trip finishes.



Hey Niaz!
I’ll arrive in Lisbon the night before the trip and would love to meet up. I’m also staying in Barcelona after the trip so that’s great! Do you have facebook? If so, add me Georgie David.


Hi Georgie,
Sounds great! I’ll reach Lisbon on 4th August. See if you can find me on FB “Neeaz Booya” or my mobile is 0416 526 920 (I’ll have int roaming when in Europe). Hope to see you soon.



Hey @georgie_rose,

I’m from New Zealand and two friends and I will be on this tour also!
Are you guys staying at the tour hotel before or somewhere else?
Look forward to meeting you!



Hey @Madalyne_Chamberlain,

Im from Canada and will be traveling solo on this tour! Are you and your friends planning on staying in the hostel before the trip starts still?