Trail of Columbus 23rd July


I’ve booked on to this tour starting on the 23rd July. This is my first time travelling solo and I’m just wondering if there’s anyone out there also booked up?!


Hey Rachael! I’m also locked in for this tour aswell :slight_smile: also first time solo traveller! Should be so exciting!!


Hi Giorgia! That’s great :slight_smile:! Where abouts are you from? Are you going to be around a couple of days before the tour by any chance?


I am from Sydney :slight_smile:
No unfortunately I will be getting off a plane at 4:00pm on the night we are supposed to meet with our group! hahah I will be racing to get to the hotel to get myself ready for dinner. What other travel plans have you got in place?


I’m just doing this tour, I do plan on staying in Barcelona a couple of days after the tour ends though😊 What about yourself?


I leave on the last day of our tour and go to study in Prague! So this is my last little break before studying again hahah I already have friends recommending me bars in Barca! Should be so fun!


Hey there Rachael and Giorgia! Nice to see another aussie on the tour, I’m from melbourne :slight_smile: I’m also booked for this tour and I’ve been travelling solo too for the first time. I’m in lisbon a day/night early before the tour (22nd). Could be nice to meet up, Rachael?


That sounds great Georgia! Hey Claire! Yeh that should be good, I’m flying out to Lisbon tomorrow morning😊


cool! I fly in at 3 in the afternoon so maybe we can meet for dinner? I’m staying at the same accomodation the tour starts us off at, is that the same as you? You’re welcome to add me on f:, Claire Butcher (same icon as here. Msging on fb might make meeting up a bit easier :slight_smile: