Trail of Columbus 2012


Hi there! I’m about -this- close to booking the Trail of Columbus trip. I’m 26 and would be traveling solo from North Carolina. I know some of the trip dates overlap with the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona - would that be an optional day trip at all? I’d love to go - might as well - and could just organize something on my own too, but wanted to check with you first. Any input would be great.



Hi Jen!

Running of the Bulls is held from 5-15 July and we run several trips to the festival

PLUS Trail of Columbus[/url] departing [url=]30 June

includes a day trip to Pamplona for the festival so this would be the perfect date for you!

If you want some more information about the day trip give our friendly reservations team a call on 1 800 607 1399

Happy Travelling

Topdeck Team


Hey me and a mate are doing this trip on the 4th of august hit me up if anyone else has booked this tour!

FB- Andrew Mouncey


hi jen!! me and my friend amanda are booked into the trail of columbus departing on the 30th of June - this is the one that does the day trip to Pamplona! so exciting - get in touch if you decide to book!

you can look me up on FB - toni gelonese