Tower to Tapas Sept. 2017 Solo Traveler


Hello Everyone,

I’m Strongly considering booking this tour but I’m nervous because this will be my 1st time leaving the U.S alone. I will be in my early 30’s during the time of the tour. Has anyone over 30 traveled alone with Top Deck? What was your experience like and would you recommend it? Has anyone be on this tour before? Thanks in advance for helping me decide if this is right for me.


Hi @dz

Thanks for your reply. I just checked out the European Uncovered and it looks amazing! Tower to Tapas tour is a mix of hotels and hostels. I decided to do a shorter tour the first time around if I have a good experience I’ll plan something longer the next time. I plan to get to London a few days before the tour starts. And I agree it would be nice to have some solo travelers on a tour.


Hey, I recently solo traveled with topdeck and it was my first time out of Australia and I turned 21 on the tour! I can’t recommend topdeck enough!


I just got back from European Uncovered. I was a 37 yo solo traveler, although I’m one of the oldest person there and half the bus were couples, I still had a great time and the couples are all awesome to hang out with.

Don’t worry about age and being a solo traveler! Select the trip you want and go for it! The tour’s awesome!



Thanks for your reply. I plan to book soon.



Thanks for your reply. I plan to book next week. I appreciate the encouragement. I’m very excited about taking the tour.


I’m a 28 yo solo traveler from Brazil going to this tour on june 2017. I’ve been with topdeck 2012 and loved. No fear! Just go! That will be the best experience of your life. :slight_smile:



Thanks so much for your reply. You have all made me feel much better about going on this tour. I plan to book in the next few days.


Thanks everyone @dz @AndrewH @vanessa_vanessa @Jada_Lee_Bett I’m officially booked for the Tower to Tapas tour Sept. 10,2017!


Yaayyy!!! I’m going on the same tour june,18. I’ll let you know some spoilers!!


@vanessa_vanessa thanks so much that would be great!


Hi Rita

I’m thinking of booking on this one to on the same date. I’d probably be in London a few days earlier if you wanted to hang out.


Hi @Stephane_Jon_Osborne

I’ve already booked and yes I’d love to hang out. I plan to get to London 3 days before the tour starts. Will this be your first tour?


Hi. It will be my first tour. How about you? I’m from London so I could show you the sights.



This will be my first tour and my first time in Europe. I’m from the U.S. It would be great to have you show me around! Thanks, I’m looking forward to it.


Hey @Stephane_Jon_Osborne,

The Sept. 10,2017 dates were cancelled. I was disappointed however I book a different tour. I’m now doing Western Spirit Sept. 5.