on euro hotel tours, do people take towels even a beach towel, im not sure if i should take one or not, as i dont want to be caught out and not have one, even though shops do sell them obviously. so who has taken them and who hasnt.


I will be taking a microfibre travel towel from Kathmandu.

They dry really quickly & would rather take one than be caught out without one :slight_smile:



I’m taking one of the big microfibre towels (XL size) from Kathmandu with me … should be big enough to use as a beach towel as well if need be :slight_smile:

I’m doing a Euroclub tour though, so not sure what the difference would be.


A tip… take two of the microfiber towels… last time a traveled I took one and found a lot of the time you would be packing a wet towel… if you have two it allows you to rotate them and that way you always have a dry one… even though they are quick dry, if you shower in the morning before getting in the bus it won’t dry!


I managed to buy mine from Kathmandu for $6 on special, only because it was pink! They usually retail for a lot more than that so I was pretty happy.