Hey all,

I’m wondering if some past topdeckers or admins can help me out…

I know most things I plan to pack however when it comes to towels…what do i need??? beach towel i assume is a yes. but a towel for the shower…are these provided by where we are staying, do we take our own, or do u use the same towel for shower/beach (haha preferably not this option).


xo Bec


Hmmm good question. See I’ve got towels for showering but not one for the beach. I assumed opposite to you lol

Insight would be great please…


i was planning on taking a beach towel… then can use this if needed as a normal one… dont want to be lugging around two!


Hi Guys

I took with me 2 large microfibre travel towels from Kathmandu one for showers and one for the beach. They are big in size, but squish down to barley anything and they are very very quick drying.

If you can avoid taking a beach towel, avoid it!!! they take up soooo much room and they dont dry. the last thing you want is a smelly damp towel in your bag!!



I have two microfiber towels…one med one big. I like the idea to use this for the beach towel too. Thanks for the tip Nicola.


oh thanks ill def be checking out microfibre towels now :slight_smile:


Just bought microfibre towels from Kathmandu. They are having a sale on them at the moment.

Three for the price of one.




Hi there,

I have booked the mega European for 15th May 2012.
Re: towels, I am planning to get a smallish microfibre one for showers and a sarong for the beach. I use a sarong for beach all the time as it is light weight, dries really quickly and can use it as a wrap aswell.



Hm I like the sarong idea!

I also use the microfibre towels for travel - they dry super quickly which is what you want when you are travelling to a new town every couple of days & dont have time to dry wet stuff.

I also bought mine from Kathmandu - they always have awesome sales on.


just bought myself a microfibre towel half price at kathmandu - and im in love with it - just like a normal towel but better


try mountain designs, they are cheaper than Kathmandu and have a sale at the moment and they feel nicer too


these things are fantastic®-Ultimate-Travel-+-Sports-Towel--Original-Size--Blue/
I took one, but was thinking 2 would have been a better option allowing a bit more time for them to dry out (i usually shower in the morning so on a departure morning it was a wet towel going into my case…) going to get another one for next years trips…


Got a couple of those microfibre towels from Kathmandu and the only time I ever used one on my Europe Uncovered hotel tour was to go to the beach on Pag Island, Croatia. Hotels always provide towels for the bathroom/shower and we were specifically told when we arrived at that hotel not to take their towels out of the hotel to the beach. Not sure what it’s like if you’re on a hostel tour though.


If you are doing a Camping or Euroclub tour you need your own towel, if you are doing a Eurohotel tour the hotels generally provide them. I would definately recommend taking a microfiblre towel, they are great. Kathmandu tends to be expensive & there are plenty of other companies to choose from, just look on the internet. In terms of a beach towel, if your tour is going to a beach area there will probably be oportunities to buy one there for between 10-20 euros. The bonus of buying one whilst on the tour is you don’t need to pack it & you can throw it at the end if you don’t want it.



I took the micro fibre towel on my last trip but I ended up just buying a beach towel when i got there as I needed one heaps on the summer fun and sailing. Towels are cheap over there and then I just pitched it after.

Hope this helps.


Definitely bring at least one shower towel.


does anyone know if a micro-cotton towel would be similar to a micro-fibre one?


I love the towels with 100% cotton with UV rays protected, light in weight that takes very less in traveling which is commonly used in beach. As you are going for beach it’s better to choose right color for your personality and I carry yellow one. I use the same towel for taking shower.