Towel - Explorer Tours


Hi there,

I was just wondering if it is necessary to take a towel for an Explorer (Hotel) tour?


Hi Tali,

yes iw ould defiantely take a towell with me! they might provide some in the hotels but you dont know how clean they are or if there arent enough in the room, one of you will miss out. I would take a microfibre fast drying one, you can throw tje, over the bat or bed or whatever and they dry brilliantly!



Thanks Nicola. Cool, I will do that then! Cheers :slight_smile:


I highly recommend taking TWO towels - one for showering and one for the beach/pool. If you take camping or travel towels, they don’t take up very much space and dry very quickly.



Yeah I would take a microfibre towel over a normal towel anyday, they were a life saver on our camping trip, also make sure they are the big sized one otherwise they are tiny even when they say they are the large or medium size. Mine is from Kathmandu and it the extra large, it is the same size as a regular bath towel.