Tours that form part of another tour


Hi everyone!

I’m thinking of doing a Topdeck tour next year and would like some opinions from people who have done tours that formed part of a longer tour, or anyone considering it.

I noticed that quite a number of tours actually form part of another tour (especially those covering mainly Eastern Europe which I’m particularly interested in) and was worried that if I choose to go on one of these, for example, joining the tour in Rome, everyone else would have already formed their own friendship groups and would have already decided who they share dorm rooms with etc. I’m a bit shy so I’m afraid I might feel like the outsider joining the tour later.

Please share opinions or experiences.


I’ve booked a tour like this and I’m worried about the exact same thing! However, I had a friend who did a longer tour earlier this year, and she said there were a few people that hopped on to her tour along the way and she said the guides made heaps of effort to make sure they were included and what not. I figure hopefully it’ll be okay, but if not, most of those tours are only short anyway so I guess I can suck it up a bit for a week! I have gone onto the threads for people going on the tour that mine hops onto and introduced myself there so hopefully a couple of people will remember my name!



Hi Sara,

My friend Nikola and I have booked the Eastern Adventure departing Athens on June 30, 2013 which joins the Mega European that departs on June 11. We were worried about the same thing, however as some people join the tour, I believe others will be leaving :slight_smile: Hopefully the Topdeck Meet app will allow us to get in touch in advance with the people on our tour so we can catch up for a drink when we arrive in Athens :slight_smile:

I’m sure everyone will be really welcoming to those who are joining at different points of the trip :slight_smile: Half the point of travelling this way is to make friends!

Zara :slight_smile:


Hi Sara,

Earlier this year my bf and I went on the Eastern Spirit tour, joining up with the big Spirit of Europe tour group. It will probably depend on the people in the tour group, on ours everyone was really nice and they hadn’t really formed groups, and if they had we were welcome to join in! And plus, you won’t be the only one starting half way through, there will be others as well!
You’ll have the best time ever :’) I miss it!


Hey guys,

I did the Mega European tour this year (2012) between June and August and we had a fair few people in our group leave at Athens and we picked up a lot of Eastern European trip people. By this stage we had been together for roughly 20 days and everyone knew everyone and little groups do form but we welcomed all the new people coming onto the trip. You do have to realise though that people will already have made friends by the stage you join but the best thing to do is just strike up a conversation with people and you’ll be fine. Some of my best friends on the tour joined halfway and were doing the Eastern European trip.

A little advice would be if you are travelling alone and joining into a tour group that has already been together for a while and you are worried about being lonely or don’t feel confident going out into a city alone is when you have your free days (so not on the bus) just ask a group of people if you can tag along with them for the day and if they were like my bus group, everyone would be more than happy to hang out with you for the day. Just ask what they were planning on seeing for the day and if that is relatively the same thing then tag along.

I know it can be very hard but probably the worst thing you can do is to act shy and not talk to people. I was given this advice before going on my trip that you will 100% regret it if you don’t put yourself out there and get to know people early. Everyone is in the same boat as you and are probably just as nervous so the sooner you can start talking and making friends the easier and more fun the trip will be. Looking back I’m glad I tried to talk to everyone in the first couple of days and know a couple of people on my bus who took half the trip to come out of their shells but once they did they enjoyed everything so much more.

Sorry about the long winded reply but I hope this helps a bit. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Also I should note that I had the best time ever on my trip and can’t recommend Topdeck highly enough! Everything was great and I’m sure you’ll all have the time of your lives. I miss it too Katie! I can’t wait for when I can book my next trip.



Thanks for the advice and comments everyone! I feel a little better about booking a trip that starts in Eastern Europe now :slight_smile:




I did a tour in the USA and the same thing people left in the city that I started in (there were 11 and they lost 12) and then we lost a few more in another city and then the rest of us continued on. It wasnt as bad as what I thought. Yes everyone had formed their own friendship groups but they still welcomed us. The newbies hung out together but we all still got along