Tours in September


[br]Hey… Is anyone doing the Grand European or the Roman Chariot on the 22 Sep, The Eastern Wanderer or the Eastern Expresson the 5 Oct or Med meets East on the 27 Sep???[br][br]All these tours meet up at some point… I’m doing the Med meets East tour!!


Is NOONE doing these tours?:frowning: Oh well looks like we could be travelling alone…


Hey, cheer up! hehehe… im sure there are heaps of people on your tour but not aware of this forum… [br]Im going on the Essential Europe - 29th Sept and so far, have only found one couple going… [br][br]hope you have a great time!!


Anyone doing the essential europe tour Sept 15?[br][br]Essential Europe[br]Sept 15, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


Hello [br][br]YES i’m going on the grand eureopean tour leaving on the 22nd and can’t wait !!! are you on that one [br][br]:sunglasses:


Hey guys,[br]Your not alone! A friend and I will be on the grand european 22nd sept. We will be getting on the bus in Paris.[br]Are you going solo, heidi and ange?[br]Excited yet?[br]- Jess


How exciting!! I am travelling with my boyfriend. We are getting on in Barcelona and off again in Prague… Cool Cool!! Where are you both from, Jess and Heidi? I’m from Australia, we are 26 and 23… so looking forward to this… Only 6 weeks til (I join) the tour!!!


[quote]Originally posted by eurotrp09[br]
Anyone doing the essential europe tour Sept 15?[br][br]Essential Europe[br]Sept 15, 2009[br]:)[br][/quote][br][br]Yep im going on that tour :slight_smile: [br]Cant wait!! :)[br][br](well i hope i am…ive paid but havent heard if my money has cleared into topdecks account or not! )[br]


ohhh i’m so excited to have FINALLY heared from someone else travelling on this tour …you have no idea !!! i’m been checking almost everyday LOL :slight_smile: [br][br]yes i’m travelling solo, I’m 25 from Vancouver :slight_smile: [br][br]i’m starting the tour in London … so i’ll see ya in PARIS :slight_smile: :slight_smile: [br][br]where abouts are you from Jess ? [br][br]Heidi


Sorry for the delayed reply guys, i’ve had a cold. Damn winter! [br]My friend Kate and I are from Canberra in Australia. Where abouts in Aus are you and your boyfriend from Ange?[br][br]As it gets closer im sure more people will start checking(hopefully!) If not we will just have nice leg room on the bus![br][br]Are you guys travelling before or after the tour at all? [br][br]- Jess[br]


Hey Jess… We’re from Victoria, Gippsland. We’re doing Paris for a week before we pick up the tour, then leaving in Prague and travelling thru to the UK for 2 or so weeks!! Not long to go now… am getting sooooooooo excited!![br]


How exciting! That sounds awesome! Im also doing paris for almost two weeks before the tour with my Aunty. Have you guys travelled much before? This will be my first time overseas, but Kate has travelled a fair bit. [br][br]Busy getting everything together? Its a struggle trying to work out what clothes and such to take! I bought a sleeping bag today so im one step closer … =P


Hi girls, [br][br]I can’t believe how fast times flying!!! our tour WILL BE HERE before you know it YAHOOOO !!! I’m psyched [br]I’m pretty much all ready to go now :slight_smile: I got some euros out, bought new luggage because the one i was going to take was 12 lbs EMPTY !! My new ultra light luggage is only 6 lbs (3kgs) so to me its worth it!!! now for a trial pack and I’m ready ! its so hard to decided what to take etc… [br][br]Do u guys REALLY think that they will be weighing our bags EVERY TIME we get on the bus?? …i can’t see that happening anyway…[br][br]I’ve done a fair bit of travelling as well! I went over seas to nz & oz and spent about a year there BUT 6 years ago now !! SOOOO finally i get to go back to the old good travelling DAYS !!! i can’t wait :slight_smile: i’m so over due LOL !!! [br][br]can’t wait to met you GUYS !!! [br][br]Take care HEIDI *


anyone doing the european wonder on september 10?




:)HELLO GIRLS !!! well just wanted to say I’m flying into London TOMORROW !!! so I’ll see you all soon !!! YAHOOOOOO can’t wait to met you guys !!! [br][br]Happy Travels :sunglasses: