Tours from mid march -april 2011


hi all…

i’m 26 and travelling alone to australia on 26th Feb 2011. I fly into sydney.

i’m planning on staying in sydney on my own in hostels for 2 weeks and then i don’t know what tour to pick?!

i know i am missing the summer so i’d probably want to head north and stick mostly to beach areas! the issues i have are - is it all bus travelling as i can’ sleep on coaches and find them uncomfortable for days on end!
so basically just after advice and any recommendations or if other people are doing any of these tours around this time?

any tips and advice is apprciated.


Missing summer? We dont have summer at all at the moment. NSW and Vic both nowhere to be seen as summer. QLD get flooded…Just stick to the beach on the north shore!


i know qld is suffering with floods but… it is still warm and sunny … isn’t it? will sydney be sunny in march or will it be starting to cool by then?


Hi Craig,

I´m a girl from Germany and i´m also 26. I booked the Grand Aussie with start in Sydney at 26th March 2011. I´m so excited to do this trip, because it will be my first time in Australia. I hope the weather will be better in March and the floods are gone.

When do you want to start the Topdeck Trip?



Hi Greetz,

That is about the date that I will be looking at alos. I get to Sydney 26th Feb and would like about 3-4 weeks to enjoy before I head off. Does the Grand Aussie finish up in Darwin? If so that is what I was looking at. Especially to head North for the weather!

The floods will be gone by March, and it should be all cleaned up by then! How long are you in Oz for, when do you arrive and where will you go after Darwin.



It would be great, if you were on the same trip as I. My plane is leaving Germany on 19th March. So i´m in Sydney at 21th. Before the trip i will do daytrips to Canberra and the Blue Mountains.
Yes, the Grand Aussie finishes up in Darwin.
Afterwards I fly to Adelaide and do a roadtrip to Melbourne, but I´ve got only 8 days for these trip, because at 29th april my plane is leaving to new zealand.

What are you doing after the trip? And how long will you stay in Oz?



Hi Cu,

Quite possibly will be on the same trip. we will see! Sydney to Darwin is likely. And funny enough my friend is moving to Melbourne soon - from Churchill so he is near Melborne anyway! But I will be visiting him afterwards… however, i really don’t know what I will do yet.

At present my stay in Australia will be Feb 25th til end of May, but I am quite flexible and if I can get a few months work I will extend my stay up to one year - my work visa maximum!



does anyone know the difference between the island hopper and the first half of the grand aussie tour… the first part of the trip looks the same? are they and then the separate?

also… is there any deals available… the price difference between travelling alone and booking together in a group is massive?


You mean Island Suntanner, or? It´s the same as the beginning of the grand aussie tour. We are travelling altogether. The only thing is that the people of grand aussie travel till Darwin. The second half of the tour is Rock N Top.


thanks mareike… island suntanner is the one i meant…


I’m pretty sure i’m going to do island suntanner or reef tour - both almost identical around 26th march and then i’ll have a week in cairns before going to do the rock and top tour - so basically i’m doing the grans aussie in 2 stages…

anyone else doing these times / trips?


Well, I’ll be doing Reef Suntanner that starts Feb 8th, I’ll be sure to post how it goes. :slight_smile:


Enjoy Amy and feedback qould be good as i am still unsure of which tour to do myself although late march is still the time i’m looking at leaving sydney… tempted to do it myself rather than pay fees but obviously don’t meet other people so easy that way! :s


Hello! I am joining the 10 days tour starting form Aukland on 28/3/2011. Who else is going?


Hi, I’m doing the 10 day Kiwi Explorer starting on the 28th Mar. My name is Stacey from Melbourne.