Tours from globetrotter


Hi Topdeckers I would just like to know is it possible to book tours from the Globetrotter Inn. I have 6 days in London after the tour finishes and would just like to know whether this is possible.I only arrive one day before my tour leaves on May 22 but would like to experience the sights after the tour finishes on June 18. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much from Terry.


Hi Terry![br][br]I?m Alison and I work for Topdeck in the London office.[br]We are able to book a London Break package for you which includes ?[br]* Three nights? accommodation + Continental breakfast at the Globetrotter Inn[br]* 3 day London underground & bus pass (zone 1&2)[br]* Hop-on, Hop off London sightseeing tour visiting the top attractions. [br]The price for the package is ?90.[br][br]We are also able to book addition accommodation for ?20 per night.[br][br]If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.[br][br][br]Ciao[br]Alison![br][br]


hey terry,[br]I’m going on the May 22nd tour as well! I went ahead and booked that 4 day mini break to Edinbourgh for $60. It leaves the 19th and you get three nights there. It sounds like a good deal. [br][br]Scott[br][br]I’m booked for the Grand European leaving May 22. Let me know if you are going too!


Hi Scott,[br] Finally someone that it is actually going on my tour on May 22. I have been thinking about the Edinburgh Mini Break because I have a week in London after the tour finishes on June 18th. I have put a request into my travel agent and will probably take a day or so to get a confirmation. If I can’t do the tour I suppose I will have a bit extra free time in old London Town. Thanks for your reply. Where in the States are you from ??? I have friends down in Florida that I am hoping to catch up with after the tour finishes.Anyway catch you later from Terry.


Yeah nice to meet you, I’m from Dallas, Texas and am 19. How old are you anyways? Ha, and this might sound like a wierd question, but in the states Terry is normally a girls name but I met someone from Australia once and he was a guy, so I honestly can’t tell. Well I look forward to getting to know you.[br][br]Scott[br]


Hi Scott - lets just say as far as age goes I am the other side of 38 and yes Terry in Australia is a very popular boys name but the girls usually spell it Terri. I still have’nt heard back about the Edinburgh trip - maybe later on today. Three months to go now - I hope its a good trip with a great group of people. Catch you later - Terry.


Hi Scott - just got confirmation from my travel agent about the Edinburgh mini break. I suppose I really should go up there especially because it is so close to London and I probably will never venture over that part of the world again. Anyway hopefully we will have a few others from our trip going to do it as well. I suppose I will catch up with you and hopefully a few others who respond to this forum in the next few months in the bar at the Globetrotter Inn the night before our tour starts on May 21. Catch you later on from Terry.