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I am a first time poster here, just looking for some advice, hints, tips or suggestions on my travel plans

Myself and my girlfriend are planning to travel to Australia around April/May this year and are looking to gain as much useful information as possible.

Basically, we are open to any suggestions and advice, must see’s, must do’s… but also, as a first time traveller… what would, in your opinion, be areasonable amount of funds to undertake a 2 month trip (I’m aware that is quite a personal issue - as everyone spends their money differently) but I was just hoping for some ideas… as frankly I’m not sure.

We are more than willing to do some seasonal work whilst there, so any advice on that would be much appreciated.



You should try Lonely Planet’s forum, Thorntree. Most people here book on tours rather than planning their own routes/etc.


Hey living in Sydney all my life I can give u some advice:

  1. The weather is always changing especially in April/ may. Make sure u bring warm jumpers, jeans etc. Layers of clothing is best depending where u decide to go. i.e. Melbourne is alot colder than Sydney and Brisbane.

  2. Australia is actually quiet expensive. People I have meet from overseas have told me this on many occassions and it wasn’t until I went to Europe this year I realised how expensive it really is. I am not sure where you are from but I worked out when in Europe things like food, drinks, make-up was equivalent to less than half the price it was in Australia. Also the main cities in each state are very expensive. Try and if possible buy water etc. at supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths.

  3. There are so many things to see and do its just about picking out what you really want to see. Basically we have 8 states which are very different. Tasmania: Most about nature, Melbourne: Good food and good shopping!, Australian Capital Territory (ACT)- Canberra: Parliament house, war memorial & food, New South Wales-Sydney: Opera House, Harbour bridge, all the gardens, beaches (Manly & Bondi are typical tourist beaches)- You can also drive or catch a train an hour or two out of Sydney and visit our most famous wine regions and see some of the country side. Also take a trip to the Blue Mountains- The three sisters (rock cliffs) are very popular and you can do a little but of bushwalking, Queensland: Brisbane: hmmm ummm don’t know much about Brisbane itself but if you head further up North you can go to the Great Barrier Reef and all the islands up north., Northern Territory- Ayres Rocks and Darwin: remember its is always hot!, Western Australia- Perth: Its beauty and beaches. Just watch for sharks and stay inside of the flags at the beach. Some people don’t and this is why shark attacks occur! Lastly South Australia: I think its mostly about agriculture down there and the zoo (but don’t take my word on this one :wink: ).

Sorry if it is long but hope it helps somehow. Remember to see the real side of things try and also explore away from city centres!


Hi Jess,

Thank you for your replay if i have any question in future can you help me out .



Hi rose,

Thank you for your replay if i have any question in future can you help me out .



Thank you Jess i have read the post that you have given me.
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hahaha, im not sure about south australia being known for its zoo - but in south australia we have barossa & mcclaren vale wine regions. & there is kangaroo island which is definitely worth a visit!!