Tour reservations


hi all. im booked for the european wonder tour this june during my uni break before i stay with family in europe.[br][br]HOWEVER i keep changing my mind! ive nearly cancelled it twice and am thinking about doing so again. im going solo so i have a few reservations about that but also ive been thinking maybe a few days per country is not enough. alsooo im worried about expenditure and extra costs. i havent managed to save up heaps so i dont want to have to miss out on activities and all.[br][br]i would still love to go but am just having worries and stuff pop up in my head. this is the first time im travelling alone so if anyone has advice or reccomendations wd b appreciated :slight_smile:


Heya…[br]I think you should stop thinking and just do it 8-)[br][br]The awesome thing about doing a tour is… you don’t have to worry where you will sleep or try to book into overcrowded/full hostels or pay for expensive hotels. [br]You get shown around parts of the world with experienced people that know what your there to see and know what you want to experience, but also free time so you can explore & enjoy…[br]If its the time issue with not enough days in each city you could try and change to a longer tour and maybe even visit more places…??[br]I’m booked for a European Wonder but in July…[br]I am not travelling alone but i would say 80% do so you will no problems meeting people who are in the same boat as you.[br][br]I plan to stay overseas for about 6 months after the tour so i am working my ass off to save all my money that i can but if i run out overseas then so be it :slight_smile: I just want to enjoy it all and not worry because i think i have done that enough while trying to save haha…!![br]If you check out the pre-departure info for the tour you can get an idea on how much the optionals that you like will cost, some things appeal to more than others![br][br]If you know you’ll regret not doing it…then do it!![br][br]Hope this helps… :D:)[br][br]J.[br]


Hi Mal[br][br]I was in the same boat. Im doing the summer fun and sailing tour. But with a group of mates they all pulled out and now i’m going on my own.People i work with have one a few tours all of them on there own and they say its the best way to do it you meet so many different people.[br][br]I would have regretted not doing it. I was always having second thoughts but now i just cant wait to leave in a month. I worked my backside off to get the money but it’s all worth it. I’ve been told $60-70 Euros of spending money per day is heaps. If that helps you budget for day to day.[br][br]Do it and then you will probably never want to come back to Aus.


Mal U gotta do it!![br][br]I’m going on my own and I am so stoked!! at first i was nervous, but I realised that my biggest problem is that I am shy around other people and a little unsure (in person atleast :-[) and travelling on my own was going to take me out of my comfort zone and it would be a real adventure!! [br][br]Being in a hostel with 3 other people in my room was gonna make me meet new people and really get into it! I could have chosen to stay at the hotel in a single room, but it just sounds so lonely!![br][br]When you are on tour you will have atleast another 30 people to hang around with and be friends with, so that wont be a problem![br][br]Don’t stress too much about money, some days you will spend more, other days less, but just budget around the 50-60 Euros :slight_smile: The optional excursions list gives you a rough idea of prices, so you can figure out some costs there.[br][br]as for others, like food, go to ur local library and borrow a lonely planet or another guidebook, it will give you an idea of prices too!![br][br]I’m on my own, and its also my first big trip too!! My parents are more nervous than i am!![br][br]Dont cancel!! You will have a ball!! if ur still worried, join my tour - i’ll be ur friend lol ;D[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Dont cancel, you will regret it later. Of course 1-2 days in a countr will not be enough, however it will give you a taste of each country so that you will know where you want to go back to and stay longer in the future.[br]Travelling by yourself is liberating and its the best way to travel, you can do exactly what you want to do without having to compromise. You are able to make new friends easily, as when you travel with someone else you always hang out together. [br]As for the money thing, it is hard not to have money for everything, but if you plan well and know exactly what activities you want to do then you can budget accordingly. I have taken on a bar job 2 nights a week, just for the next 3 months to give myself some extra money. [br]Dont stress, just do it!![br][br]Odette[br][br]Mega European June 22nd


Don’t cancel it, whatever you do! You’re bound to regret it if you cancel. Im travelling around Ireland for 12 months more or less on my own, and am doing the Grand European on 6th May on my own. I have a lot of relatives in Ireland, but I’d never met them til I got here. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of when you’ve only yourself to rely on. You’ll make friends no worries, believe me!


I absolutely agree with everyone!! You will regret not going way more than you could ever regret going![br][br]I’m also travelling alone, it’s my first time travelling anywhere alone and I was terrified too! The I realised that if I didn’t just book it I would never go and that would be far worse. Now it’s just less than 6 weeks until I leave and I can’t wait!! You will still have moments of nerves but it looks like we are all feeling the same way and everyone is there for the same reason - to have the time of their lives and have fun with their new friends on tour![br][br]Don’t panic, definitely don’t cancel and just enjoy yourself :slight_smile:


Hey there,[br]How cool is this! You’re going through the same emotions we all are at some point. A bit nervous about doing things as BIG as this by our lone-somes. And out of every direction you’ve got total strangers encouraging you to “DO IT”. [br][br]I’m going on the Mega Europe Tour in May by myself cause my friend couldn’t do it, or even part of it with me. Yeah sure I’ll be real nervous to start with, but I know that wont last for long.[br][br]Go out there, discover the world. There is no one that I have met that has anything bad to say about doing tours. Everyone raves about them.[br][br]As far as money goes, my back up plan for running out is to use my credit card and deal with that when I get home. If worse comes to worse I’m going to take out a personal loan and pay it off with the same money I’ve been saving with for the past year or so. Where there is a will, there is a way.[br][br]Have a blast :sunglasses:


Mal, everyone is right- don’t cancel! You will regret it. I’ve traveled on my own in the past, and you always find a way to save your dollars for the good stuff- I found a jar of vegemite to be invaluable towards the end of my trip when I was running out of money for food. And a few days in each city isn’t too bad- some places you will want to come back to, and others you’ll be happy to leave after a little taste of it. Lastly, even the most seasoned traveler has doubts and worries, but having a positive attitude will get you through anything.[br][br]Happy travels![br][br]-----------------[br]Spirit of Europe.[br]May 13th. [br]:smiley:


likewise, agree with everybody. don’t cancel. you will get over there and it won’t take long to think why the hell did i ever have doubts about not going. Just think if you stayed home, you will be regretting for a long time[br]its easier making friends when you travel alone. having a mate sometimes helps but you will soon find out it doesn’t take long to mingle with most. some people you just have fun with straight away and others just take time. Took about week to break the barrier with a couple of others travelling on their own.[br] ha, when i first arrived in copenhagen few years back i couldn’t get my phone to work. was meant to catch up with friend but their number was on my phone, lucky i knew her email address of the top of my head. took me 1/2 day to sort it out. things like this just make the trip more interesting.[br][br]happy travelling by the way[br][br]DAle[br]redstarspecial 29th june