Tour or Backpacking - Suggestions needed please!


Hi,[br]I am looking at going to Europe next year and am trying to work out should I go on a tour or go backpacking. I will only be in Europe for approx. 5 weeks and am wanting to see as much as possible. There is a top deck tour called Spirit of Europe 2007 which looks perfect (if they have it next year???) just not sure if its worth doing the tour or trying to do it on our own (just travelling with my boyfriend). Think I would prefer the ‘no-hassel’ of a tour but feel we would not have the flexibility of backpacking…[br][br]If anyone has any suggestions or has done this tour please let me know your suggestions/opinons, I’d love to hear from you!!![br][br]Thanks,:slight_smile:


I’m doing both to get the advantages of each style.[br][br]I will be in Europe for seven weeks.[br][br]To kick it off, I’m doing the Romam Road Tour from London to Rome for 10 days visiting Paris, Lucerne, French Riviera, Florence and Rome. Then I plan to backpack it solo going anit-clockwise from Italy to Crotia and up through Eastern and then Central Europe back to London.[br][br]I’m only doing a tour, as I think tours are better for the main tourist attractions in Paris and Rome. But once I’ve seen them, I to explore Europe on my own. I’m not anti meeting people, in fact the contrary. I think I will experience the culture better if I do it by myself and learn from my mistakes.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Peter


Tours are good if you don’t have much time, or if you are trying to reach places that are a bit out of the way.[br][br]I think that that if you are in Europe for less than three months, some tours in the three months are necessary since three months or less is not a lot of time.[br][br]Tours are also good if you want to reach harder to get places such as those found in the Topdeck ‘Red Star’ tour, or something such as the Scottish Islands.


Hi Peter,[br][br]I am going on the Roman Road tour too…what dates are you going? Im booked for the June 5 tour.[br][br]Michele


Hi Michele,[br][br]Alas I am going on the tour starting on Sept 11 :)[br][br]It would have been good to know someone beforehand.[br][br]Anyways, what made you choose the Roman Road.[br][br]


Hey Peter,[br][br]This will be my first time traveling to Europe so I thought a tour would be a good idea to start off with. Plus I dont have that much time.[br]It’s too bad we’re not going the same time, I would have enjoyed knowing somebody else as well.[br]I hope you have a wonderful trip![br]Michele