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I’ve booked the Russian Revelations tour starting in Tallinn, Estonia on 2nd July and was wondering if anyone knew when roughly top deck send travel itineraries out and hotel listings ect im doing 3 weeks backpacking through Western Europe so getting to Estonia a day or so earlier but dont want to muck around with changing hotels half way through! Anyone got any advice?

also to anyone who’s done Eastern Europe before is it really as dangerous as they say to travellers??

any advice would be greatly appreciated!

xx :-[


Hi Kaila,

We send out our personal itinerary and pre-departure information roughly 6 weeks before your departure, so you should receive these in time before you leave home.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Topdeck Team



i am looking at doing the Europe Uncovered and then the Greek Island hopper, can anyone tell me what time these tours start and finish


Hi Luke,

Our Eurohotel trips generally depart in the early morning on Day 1 (between 6.30-7am) and arrive back in London in the evening on the final day.

In regards to the Greek Island Hopper - in the evening of Day 1 you meet up with your fellow passengers and Trip Leader. The journey then ends after breakfast Day 10, as we bid farewell to Greece and new found friends.

Hope this gives you a general idea - please refer to your personal itinerary and pre-departure information (which will be sent out to you roughly 6 weeks before your departure) for your specific departure details.

Topdeck Team!


Thanks to the admin folk for responding :slight_smile: just one more thing — specifically what hotels do you use in Tallinn and Berlin for the Russian Revelations tour — we’d like to organise our extra nights while we’re doing other bits and pieces for the trip. . . if someone could give me the hotel name or a link i could use that would be fantastic!!!