Tour Expenses/spending money


Hey all, getting all my money and budgets in order for my EUROPEAN GETAWAY tour for 20days in April.
while reading the Departure information on the page.

They say [quote]Based on past experience, we recommend at least €50-€60 Euros per day to cover your normal
expenses including sightseeing, small souvenir shopping and non-included meals. If you wish to
purchase expensive souvenirs, [/quote]

Now my question is for past travels with them, would you say this is a comfortable allowance or would you recommend a larger budget?

How much did you use as a base daily allowance?

thanks in advance!!



im going on a 49 day european tour between march and may and i think 50-60 euros a day is too much… im only budgeting for extra food ill need to purchase coz i dont need souveniors but again its up to the individual… im taking a total of 1560 euros :slight_smile:

hope that helps


I don’t think it will be enough and that you should budget for a bit more.


I am planning on 50-60 euros a day as well while on the tour but am in Europe for a couple months afterwards and planning a little less for that time as plan to not eat out as much.


It depends on what urblike really… I was on the 36 day pioneer in 2010, and just as a base (not including large purchases) I spent over $8000 aud. that was food, souvenirs, phone credit, extras you forget, drinks (& I hardly EVER went out drinking!) then for large purchases ie; skydiving in Switzerland, jungfrau, Swarovski crystals in Austria and Venetian goblets) I put on c/c but all up that was about another $3000 aud. my theory when I went over though was, this is a once in a lifetime experience. So if I liked something I bought it so there were no regrets. & I collected Xmas decos, & in Europe in August they are scarce, so I was paying about 30-40 euro each for them.

This yr though I’m only taking $4500 cash + my credit card for large purchases. I’m hoping I won’t use it all.

Each to their own really. If you don’t drink and don’t eat that much, or stick to the cheapest food u shoud be ok. Warning though, the truck stops you go to for lunch will cost you about 15 euro for a decent meal, maybe extra for a drink included


i’m taking $10000 Au i think this is plenty i’ve put about 10000 a week aside for my trip


I went in 2010, I averaged around $100EU per day… some places you spend bugger all, others you will spend more (Switzerland is bloody expensive!)… also, if you plan on going out a bit at night you will spend (no where near as bad as here… most nights I was out and was lucky to spend $30EU - beer is cheap!)


I didn’t drink too much and only bought a few souvenirs so it was a comfortable allowance for me.


The big thing to remember is for most people, a trip like this is a one off and the last thing you want to do is limit the extra night out, or extra dinner at that nice restaurant, or picking up that gift you just had to have… allow extra, there’s nothing wrong with bringing money home…


between the two of us, we’re aiming for 10 grand so 5 grand each. hopefully.


This is my first trip, I’m budgeting for 100 euro a day. That’s not including extras like sky diving. I’m hoping that will get me through comfortably.