Tour Cancellations


Has anyone ever booked a tour that has not gone ahead because of lack of numbers?? I’m starting to get a bit nervous because I haven’t met anyone going on my tour yet which is in April (European Odyssey 19 April). Am I freaking out too early?? Is there anybody out there???


[br]Hey Toni![br]Were having the same worries, except our ‘odyssey’ is 3rd May, so I would be interested in what any others have to say. Our flights and our before and after stuff has been booked, so it would be a stir if the tour was canceled![br][br]Lisa -o-[br]Melbourne


i used to be a travel agent, and yes it does happen, but they offer you 2 suggested tours at no extra cost to change. if u booked ur pre and post accom through topdeck its usually the same deal. the only thing is that flights might cost you a bit to change them. thats why its awesome that contiki have a deal with flights because they dont usually charge you the change fee… unfortunately top deck doesnt do the flights.[br][br]but i wouldnt worry too much about people not coming on here, they may not even think about even coming onto the forum :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hey Toni,[br][br]Im going on the Winter Getaway leaving 13 March(!!) and I’ve posted on here a couple of times, but NO ONE has responded. It didn’t even occur to me that they would cancel the tour. My tour was “Guaranteed Departure”, so Im assuming its happening. I guess just not many people read the forums. Or if they do, they’re just lazy arses who can’t be bothered replying!!![br]Enjoy your tour!![br][br]Katie


hey guys.[br]i am worried about the same thing. I am looking to take a tour with Budget Expeditions. I email them and they told me the # of people that have already booked the tour I want to go on. You can probably just email TopDeck and asked the # of people that have booked your tour and the minimum # that is needed for the tour to happen. Even though those people may not have paid in full it gives you an idea of the # that is going. I wish everybody came to the forum. or at least make it a requirement to have an account when you book a tour.


hi Liviagauis[br][br]not many tour companies will give out the numbers that are on a tour, of all the wholesalers we used only a handful would, and from memory, i dont think topdeck to… the reason is, a lot of people do sign up at the last minute, and they dont want to get you worried that no one will be on the tour, the other thing is, numbers can change, people may have to cancel for sickness, crappy bosses who change their holidays (ive had one of those :() basically because numbers can change, they dont want to give you the wrong information.[br][br]I wouldnt stress yet guys, april is still 3 months away :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hey Guys![br]Thanks for the info. I guess it is a bit early to freak out… We have also booked our flights and pre-tour accomodation so if the tour doesn’t go ahead we are booking a car and doing it alone!! Might not be as fun cos we won’t meet a great bunch of new people but would be a waste of money to cancel flights!![br]Cheers


Thanks for the info Whirlsie, how much time is usually given if a trip is canceled? It would be a headache but we made our trip flexible to be able to deal with something like that![br][br]Lisa -o-[br]Melbourne


Don’t worry about not meeting anyone here on the forum that is going on the same trip. I did a TopDeck tour last year and was eager to find out if anyone else was going on it through the forum. Some people aren’t geeks like the rest of us…haha!


My travel agent told me that many of the tours that dont have a guaranteed departure date still book up, especially in Summer. [br][br]I am hoping that is true, as mine is not a guranteed departure and I cannot make the other tour dates. At least mine is not til June so there is lots of time for it to fill up!


what usually happens is that the guaranteed epartures fill up and because people cant do those ones they go to the closest ones, so I found that a lot of the tours that werent guaranteed filled up too especially if they are near a guanteed departure :)[br][br]does that make sense?[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Just to let people know i was booked to go on the Spirit of Europe 27th May tour, and had to find out myself that it was cancelled. Was looking at its page on the topdeck site and saw that my depature date wasn’t on their tour lists- rang my travel agent who contacted Top Deck and i was informed "“ohhhh yeah your tour has been cancelled we forgot to tell you!!” IM SOOOO ANGRY i now have to change all my plans and pick another tour- am thinking of now doing the Grand European dept 20th May, as this is fairly full and will definatley be departing. So just warning you you should check and contact them if you can. Im still awaiting word back from TopDeck if they will waive the extra cost that it is to do the Grand European tour as its not my fault. Im not paying an extra cent, so fingers crossed they do!!!


man that sucks about your tour. The Spirit of Europe on May 27 was my backup . Now I hope my first choice doesnt get canceled. i wonder why TD doesnt feel the need to notify when they cancel a tour.[br][br]


Hi Guys,[br][br]I just would like to reassure you all that if a trip gets cancelled, regardless whether you booked with us direct or via an agent, we make sure that you get notified asap and offered an alternative.[br][br]I have e-mailed AusEm for more details so I can look into what happended with her booking as her post made me concerned.[br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita